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"I never knew growing cannabis could be so interesting," D.W.D.,  March 5, 2016

Quotes I could have "geeked out" with Keith and Steve for hours! Quotes

Quotes Hey this is Alex and Dmitriy saying thank you once again. The class was very informative and we learned a lot. We have more questions so we might be calling or stopping by your new location soon. Also thank you for introducing us to patients choice, it is a very legitiment dispensary that actually cares about it's paients not just money. And finally could you please send us that email with the cloning pdf the growing portion of the class mentioned. We are trying to get our business up and running as soon as possible. Thank you Dean of Green and everyone else at Cannabis University! Quotes
Alex & Dmitriy

Quotes "I never knew growing cannabis could be so interesting." March 5, 2016 Quotes

Quotes "I would encourage anyone considering going into this business to take this class. It was very informative. The instructors were very knowledgeable on every aspect of the business." Quotes
James T, March 2015

Quotes "Great opportunity to network with people who have a common passion and goal. Excellent value-the grow information alone is worth your time and money! Thank you Michelle, Keith and Steve for a fact-filled day. We loved it! April 7, 2014 Quotes
The Vails

Quotes "I think the more you can educate people on this business the more you will remove the stigma that may people wrongfully attach to it. At the end of the day it is just regular people, like you and me, that are interested in legitimizing what has been forced underground for decades." Illinois feb 2014 Quotes

Quotes "It was a great class, at the legal seminar.. I met my perosnal firend and very good Lawyer Sean McAllister.........." Quotes
Googa Rosenberg

Quotes I loved the smaller size class room in the public location; I am not sure if it is still like this since I did the class when she first started. I learned quite a lot not only from the grower, but also from the legal side of the class (and I was already well educated on the law out here in CO) Quotes
Niles Aronson

Quotes I had a wonderful time at the Cannabis University class. The lawyer who teaches MMJ law is very knowledgeable, knows the ins and outs of Article 18, and empowers me to read and interpret the law on my own. Every question I had was answered, and then some. The grow class was awesome as well. The grow instructor is very knowledgeable and is currently writing a book. From chemistry to setup to costs to risks, it is surprisingly in-depth for a half-day class. I highly and fully recommend taking a Cannabis University class!!! Quotes