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Korea thoughts

Posted on April 30, 2017 at 10:45 AM

i like Pope Francis' idea to have a country like Norway intervene ... to bring the Korean War to an end by each side laying down their arms and opening the n /s Korean border. When i lived in Seoul, it was plain to see a very small country torn apart with all praying to see in their lifetimes, their relatives again. They are all Koreans, speak the same language eat and dress alike, 64 years interfering in their common culture, much as Japan had done by occupation for 45 years.
And that is the seed to developing the strong desire/political will to disarm. Both sides gotta kick out the big guys [who have the guns] to do it! Then trust and love will be revived amongst the Korean people. I can say the South Koreans are already there but the Han-kuk have no Ghandi. ML

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