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NOTICE: The Support Application Form is an official document. If you provide false information on your  Medical Marijuana license application and/or do not disclose all information the application asks, your license is subject to denial or 
revocation,  and you may be subject to criminal prosecution. The Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division will conduct a 
complete background investigation and will check all sources of information. You are advised that it is better to disclose 
all information than face denial, revocation or criminal prosecution. 
If you need clarification of any of the following questions, please contact the Investigations Section at any Medical 
Marijuana Enforcement Division office.
1. Have you ever been convicted of a felony at anytime regarding the possession, distribution, or 
use of a controlled substance? 
 Yes No
2. Have you served a sentence, including probation or parole, within the past 5 years upon conviction for any felony, even if the conviction occurred more than 5 years ago?
 Yes No
3. Are you a licensed Physician making patient recommendations? Yes No
4. Have you had your authority to act as a primary caregiver revoked by the State Health Agency? Yes No
5 Are you under 21 years of age at the time of this application? Yes No
6. Are you the spouse or child living in the household of any person employed by the Colorado 
Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division?
 Yes No
7. Are you a sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, or prosecuting officer, or an officer or employee of 
the medical marijuana state licensing authority or a local licensing authority? 
 Yes No
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, by Colorado law you cannot obtain or hold a 
Colorado Medical Marijuana license.

Last page of State App

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensed support employee in the Medical Marijuana industry. Before you submit your application, we want to make you aware of a few facts. 

The Medical Marijuana industry in Colorado is one of the most scrutinized businesses in the state, because Colorado citizens want the industry and everyone involved in it free from even the hint of any corruption or deceit. That’s why we take our regulation of the industry very seriously, including the issuance of licenses. 

During the licensing process, we will conduct a thorough check of your background. If you pass our qualifications, you will be found suitable as a support license holder that will allow you to work in the Medical Marijuana Industry. You should know that a Medical Marijuana license is a privilege, not a right. And one thing you must do to obtain this privilege is be completely honest on your license application.

In particular, we ask you on page 3 of the application: “Have you, after turning 18 years of age, ever been arrested, served a criminal summons, charged with, or convicted of ANY crime regarding the possession, distribution, or use of a controlled substance? In the past 10 years, but not prior to age 18 have you been arrested, served with a criminal summons, charged with, or convicted of ANY crime or offense in any manner in this or any other country?” The application goes on to tell you to explain ALL such arrests or charges no matter the final outcome.

Did you list ALL arrests and charges required on page 3 of 10? This includes ALL drug-related offences since you turned 18 and ANY other offences in the last 10 years. Are you clear about what you need to disclose? If not, then ask someone at the front desk to assist you and answer any questions you might have. Here are some of the excuses we have heard from people who have failed to disclose arrests to us:

• My attorney told me I didn’t have to disclose.

• I didn’t think I was arrested, because I only got a ticket.

• I didn’t think the arrest had anything to do with Medical Marijuana.

• I didn’t think that was still on my record.

But there is no excuse not to disclose an arrest. You have been informed throughout the application to disclose ALL arrests. And you have just been informed again: You will not necessarily be denied a license if you have ever been arrested, but you will be denied if you fail to disclose any arrest.

I have read and understand this letter.